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France's national logo for organic products since 1985. Organic products carrying the logo must contain more than 95% percent organic components, and be produced or processed within the EU, and were certified by one of the inspection bodies accredited according to EN 45011.

Agriculture Biologique
Founded in November 2001, the French Agency for Development and promotion of organic farming is a national information and action platform that is part of a dynamic development, promotion and structuring of the French organic farming.

L'Agence Bio began managing and promoting the label in 2008.

The tasks of the Agency are particularly BIO:

  • communicate and learn about organic farming and its products, its environmental, social and regional impact,
  • develop and deepen the national observatory of organic farming,
  • facilitate dialogue between partners and contribute to the structuring of sectors, market development and inter-professional dynamics,
  • manage notifications from producers and other certified operators
  • AB manage brand communication purposes.

The BIO Agency has also been responsible for creating and animating the liaison committee Agence BIO / Interprofessions in a threefold design and co-manage a program common communication, identify the areas of development and resources common to contribute to remove the brakes to the structuring of courses , create synergies for the realization of other actions.

The work of the Agency BIO focuses on three main areas:

  • Inform the general public and professionals ▼
  • An observatory to know and anticipate ▼
  • The development and structuring of sectors: the fund FUTURE BIO ▼

It brings together all the partners involved in the development of French organic farming (administrations, agricultural offices, professional associations, research institutes, certification bodies, consumer associations). The major policy advice is regularly informed of the progress of the work of Agence BIO. He gives his opinion on the directions taken in the development and promotion of organic agriculture.

Bio protects nature

Bio uses natural products to protect crops and land

It is a method to cultivate the land, raise animals and process the products in accordance with the nature

Bio takes care of animals

Bio offers them a free access to pasture and an important resting and sleeping space. Organic farmers feed their animals with organic food, such as grass and organic grain. Small long drink breast milk.

Bio contributes to your well-being

Bio offers a wide range of products with which you can treat yourself to the rhythm of the seasons.

What you find in a Bio farm?

  • To protect his crops the organic farmer relies on natural predators, such as ladybugs that eat aphids.
  • Organic animals have access to the outdoors. They can move freely in the barn, pigsty or polailler.
  • Organic farming feeds the soil with natural fertilizers such as compost. It protects the animals living in the soil, such as earthworms.
  • On an organic farm, crops are varied. They succeed to preserve the fertility of the land and to allow the development of plants.


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